Thursday, February 22, 2007

wisdom teeth

well tomorrow is the day...
im getting all 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed
im kinda really scared, because ive been reading stuff on the internet about what can go wrong haha
they are going to put me under which im kinda looking forward to for some odd reason
i want prayer that the surgery goes well and that i recover quickly, i really dont know what to expect cause ive heard of people who were fine like a day later, and people who had to eat soft food for like 3 weeks
so if you want you can drop by sometime on the weekend and bring me a bowl of jello or a quart of ice cream that would be awesome
im thinking i might be home pretty much all weekend, taking it easy but who knows how bad it will be
ill post pictures of me looking like a chipmunk if that happens which it probably will
well ill talk to you all later, pray for me

edit* my arrival at the oral surgeons is at 10 00 and surgery at 10 30 ish i think


Chantel said...

I will of course pray for you Chad! You are a dear friend, and I hope that everything does go well and you recover quickly. If I could remember the way to your house on my own I probably would stop by...but knowing me, I'd get lost. Hah. But you'll be in my thoughts and prayers, and God will be with you. Enjoy the ice cream, jello, and pudding! Your Sister In Christ,

. said...

well, cousin of mine,
your surgery was about 5 hours ago and i imagine you're either hurting or sleeping... i hope it's the latter and that when you wake up your mouth feels ok... :S i've always had a fear of ahving to get my wisdom teeth out. i've heard so many bad stories (who tells the good ones?) so far so good, but who knows. maybe i'll be next
love you,