Monday, April 30, 2007

i gave blood today

and it was awesome, i brought my moms camera with me cause i wanted to take pictures of the process, but i forgot it in the car and kinda forgot about it.
i went with sophia and this is the second time ive gone with her and the second time shes not been able to give blood, the first time because she had somthing on her arm im not even going to try to spell and today because she had some vaccines like a couple months ago
so that was very sad for her

ive said it before but ill say it again, go give blood if you can, its easy and can save lives

on my way home from the clinic i saw the sunset and decided to drive out of winnipeg a bit, a minute drive from my place and remembering i had my camera in my backseat so i took a few pictures
they arent quite as good as daynas were the other day but i like a few of the pictures i think ill only post one though

ive been wearing a knee brace for the last week, because of a snowboard injury like 3 months ago that has been aggravated like 5 times so pray that my knee will get better

im not working for the next 2 weeks so if your free then call me up or email me , we can do something


Chantel said...

Yay Chad! Good for you Hun, and I appoligize for not reading your blog lately, I've neglected mine as well..Oops. I've always wanted to give blood myself, and find out my blood type so that I know it, but I think I'd need to go with someone who would push me a bit. I'm praying for you! ♥


P.S. Did you like my encouragement note?

. said...

you know- i've never given blood. i've thought of it, but never followed thorugh with the thought. i know i had to wait a whie after coming back from africa (6 months maybe) but i've been back for almost 2 years so that should be fine... good for you and thanks for the challenge