Sunday, June 24, 2007

havent blogged in a while

I think I'm going to blame it on being busy alot but really it takes like 5 minutes to make a post and sometimes I spend hours on the computer not doing anything productful. So I'll just be honest and say that I'm lazy most of the time .

I have quite a bit to talk about though... I had a awesome weekend and am excited for the next couple months.

Well friday was my cousin Nolans grad in Riverton so me and Jeremiah wanted to go so we did. on the way we went to Gimli to get our police reports done for camp, cause in winnipeg they cost $30 and take 2 weeks to get, where in gimli they were free and only took a minute to get. then i got a little confused and drove the wrong way on the # 9 but quickly realized this so we turned around but we were still late for the grad haha. well what can I say, the ceremony was good, Drew Anderson won like 75% of the awards which i automatically hated him for it( i dont really know him and have been told he actually deserved to win those). we wasted some time (4-5 hours) inbetween the ceremony and nolans afterparty doing various things like going to sandyhook beach and driving aimlessly, then we went to his party and it was awesome. it was good seeing people who I dont usually see too often, so we had a great time.

then saturday we woke up and ate some leftover food from the night before and killed some time watching the movie hardball which I felt choked up during lol, then it was off to Morweena for there grad accompanied by my dear cousin Dayna. we were shocked to see Earl and Ramona there, which was awesome that they were there as i thought she was going to still be in the hospital or at least still in Toronto. it was awesome seeing randy, ralph, and sara graduate as they were part of ldc which was a life changing event for me. i really wish i could spent more time with randy and ralph but as they live 2 1/2 hours away we havent really spent that much time together.

i have bunch more to talk about but i think im going to wait until tomorrow...
i have some awesome stories i want to tell about the power of god but ill wait until tomorrow.

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Mark said...

Hey Chad, still waiting for those "awesome stories."