Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Well camp is over for the year, and I miss it alot... not so much the 24 hour a day being responsible for 6 or more kids, but the whole camp environment, the whole outdoors serving god thing, getting to go canoing almost every day for the last month, the staff, the spiritual support, the responsibility, etc.

Balanced ministry-
task team individual

task- to show the kids gods love and help them make commitments towards following Christ, teaching them what it means to follow Christ

team- Unity through Christ Jesus, working together to complete the task

Individual- caring for each other, encouraging spiritual growth

Though we only saw major spiritual breakthroughs during a couple of the weeks via first time commitments, there was definitely alot of movement, kids left with a thirst of knowledge, kids left with a connection, kids left wanting more, kids left knowing that God loves them. even if they didnt want to commit, a seed was planted.

please pray for Earl and Ramona, Ramona's surgery is tomorrow, well technically today

in Christ alone

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Mark said...

Hey Chad, glad to hear that you are home and that you miss camp (always a good thing). May you get lots of rest and relaxation! And I will pray for Ramona. Take care,