Saturday, August 11, 2007

Job Searching

Well I'm still unemployed, after taking a week off to rest from my month at camp. So now im looking for employment! Earlier in the week I was having a hard time finding any jobs that didnt require experience, but now ive found a few.
basically what im looking for is summed up pretty fast
-isnt at a restaurant
-not a half hour drive from me
-pays decent
-doesn't require experience
-full time

most of the jobs ive found are all the way across Winnipeg in the more industrial side

one of the closer jobs that ive found and am considering is working at a turkey hatchery, its one of the only jobs that ive found that is anywhere near me(though i think ill talk to some people who have turkey experience before i send in a resume)

id even consider moving out of town if I could find someone to board me, city life is overrated

so if anyone has connections, I'm in need of a job


1 comment:

Mark said...

Hey Chad, I agree the city is overrated. Find a job yet?