Thursday, September 20, 2007

sorry im a bad blogger

I have all these ideas culminating in my head that I want to blog about and all this new stuff in my life that I want to blog about but I never seem to do it. I don't know what it is...

well ive been working for Nutri-lawn for almost 2 weeks now, besides the hours (mon-sat 7- 4/5ish) I enjoy myself for the most part. Ive been doing a bunch of different stuff the first 3 days I was cutting grass, the next day I was aerating(big machine that pokes holes in the ground) then the rest of the time I have been spraying fertilizer . The one thing about those hours i work is that it is impossible to really start to look to find work for the winter.

on Sunday i had a wonderful time in Gimli hanging out with some of my friends from camp, throwing rocks at seagulls was pretty fun haha.

this week I started teaching pioneer clubs at my church(it is a program for children ages 4 to grade 6, dont really know how to explain what it is) I had 9 kids in my class(grades 3-4) lets just say about 3/4 of my kids come from unstable homes, our topic of the day was respect and the kids knew what it meant but certainly did not apply it, it was really rough, I could barely say a word before I was interrupted time and time again. It seems like some of there hearts are already hardened so much that its going to take a lot of work to gain trust and respect from these kids, so I just pray that god will help me work in these hearts.

one thing about working early and long days is that I am absolutely dead tired by 9:30 which is weird for me cause if I have a choice I stay up till at least 12-1 and sleep till 10.

I hope to be blogging some of these deep thoughts I have sometime in this next week


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