Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Alive, I'm Alive

I'm not exactly sure of the reason for my abandonment of my blog, it probably has something to do with the low level of intensity I've had (luckily had is a past tense) and being so busy during the holidays didnt help .
So I'll start off with a update of my life .... I have a job finally, working at Vita-Health not the health food store thats a whole different company but with vita- health the pill manufacturing company. My job is a coater, so I work with a machine that sprays the coating onto pills. I work 7am-3pm shifts so the hours are alright, my training takes 2 months then after I will probably be working nights at least for a while hours are 11pm to 7 am.

I have a new pair of glasses which I really love, and a new haircut but i guess i kinda talked about that on my last post.

well for now I am done

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. said...

i enjoyed your reappearance to the blogging world! do you enjoy your work? 2 months of training seems like a long time! is there someone watching over your shoulder all day?