Saturday, March 7, 2009

overview attempt

well i spent up most of the time i was going to write this responding to emails and now i only have a little amount of time to get through one of the longer posts i wanted to do.

well in summary, God is awesome.

as i am nearing the midway point of my school, I am really glad for all the prayers that have been sent our way because as a team we are starting to be very unified and really flowing with the unity of Christ and the holy spirit. I am really blessed to have all you people back home supporting and blessing me as I am here, and as I am moving on towards my outreach phase.

some of the main topics or ideas that I am starting to gain a foundation in are spiritual warfare, intercession, the father heart of God, the other aspects of Gods relationship with us like the bridegroom, the friend, king, lord, etc. if i had my notes with me i would give you biblical references. we also had a week of learning about world religions and a week of world view, where we learnt more about the way that the world sees things which really helped me gain a foundation of why i believe what i believe. (the bible), we had a week on relationships (marriage, friendship, etc.), one idea that is always coming up is finding Gods thumbprint in cultures and in people in general, often when we try to minister to other races we come with a white mans way of thinking and not a biblical understanding, while there most of the time is a heart change behind things that are cultural God sees importance in culture. guitar and singing is not what worship is. wow i am running out of time. i hope to go in depth with some of these things.

one thing that really hit me this week is this next statement.

every idea has consenquences. (good or bad) but it has a consequence.

so next time you have any ideas, make sure it is at the heart of what God wants.
a good way of figuring that out is through the bible.

grace and peace


Dayna said...

wow, chad! so exciting! your list about intercession, GOd's heart, Him as the bridegroom, etc. etc. etc. could have been my own list. such a lifechanging time! awesome! keep running to Him.

He desires you.

ashleymarie said...

hey, so good to talk to you today
hope you got some rest
miss you.
love, mike and ash