Wednesday, June 17, 2009

still working on the video

well i chose we win! by david crowder band for the music.. now im just trying to decide what to put in and taking the time to make it look good. it seems so needed, it feels much more human to have frozen moments, moving pictures and someone singing... more like a human experience thus i make a video. if only i had a pitch i could sell alot of stuff using these faces. id rather bring you all out there... you would all be awesome out there, as you are awesome here.

well i was working this week on a strawberry farm, weeding, hoeing fields. i enjoyed it imensly. it has given me alot of time to think, think about the new things that ive learnt that are really just old things but more in depth than what ive been taught. which sometimes seems like a whole different thing then what is being taught. authority in Christ, identity in Christ, spiritual warfare,the power of words, generational curses/ blessing, protocol. ive also learnt more about myself, and how i have a heart to sing, encourage, worship, serve, be a team player, etc.

ive spent alot of time this week inward, which has been good, but i want to reach out while i am here, i dont see myself back in ywam in homer this year. my heart has turned to camp and thats pretty much as far as i can see. so going back to homer this fall is not out of the question.

im kinda tired right now 10:30 came on me fast, i plan on waking up at 1am to call jeremiah before he leaves to go on outreach

-i would rather see hope all the time then always expecting the worst.
just like my blood type B positive


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