Sunday, October 4, 2009

the end of what you would call an era

after being at camp Beaver Creek Bible Camp for the past 12 years at least one week a summer but recently being staff for 15 weeks over the past 4 summers, it was time to say "goodbye" with a hopeful "see you later" attached. God really prompted me to let go, move forward all in one moment right during our reunion on saturday. there is so much that I could say about camp, it was where I became a Christian, it's where so much truth was shed on my life, it has been a place of learning about God and about myself. it has been a spiritual gate for me, an entrance into my loving fathers arms, a place of continued relationships. God is so good, and he is definitely at work at bcbc, i praise God for the people whom he has set there who have been willing to be instruments of His love, grace and power.

there was one moment that it just hit me that i wasnt going to be back next year, thats when i realized i needed to find a high place to pray from and climbed aboard the roof of the boathouse to pray.

i dont feel like typing too much so ill just give a short outlook/ update

I am planning on going back up to alaska in january for at least 2 year coming home for christmas in between, I am going to be staff with YWAM. some of the things i could be doing would be helping lead a school (a DTS) doing mobile trips (road trip/ mini outreaches) we are going to the olymipics in febuary as a outreach, my heart is still for the northern alaska/ arctic so as soon as i can i want to be up there. as for right now I am working, trying to raise my funds for these next years. also working at the church helping lead youth group and leading a class of pioneer clubs.
right now its 9:30 on a saturday night, i spent 4 hours working serving at a wedding for a youth fundraiser and now i am tired and wanting to go to bed..


Dayna said...

this was well written, chad... i sense that you're at peace with following God no matter what that includes... you're a blessing to me

Mark said...

Hey Chad, I had similar feelings the first year I realized I wouldn't be gong back to BCBC. New opportunities are exciting but there is also some grieving to do at leaving behind something important to you. Thanks for all of your service to the camp, you will always be a part of it - whether you are physically there are not!