Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sorry im bad at blogging consistantly

ive been pretty busy lately, and surprisingly the blog in which I really in theory would LOVE to keep updated takes a hit when I dont take the time to do it. I'm pretty undisciplined when it comes to doing things everyday, other than you know going on facebook. I have realized one thing recently that there is no way im going to blog consistantly if i dont write consistantly, and so i am going to start off with a journal that I am going to write in everyday. and when I can start doing that I'm sure that the blogs will roll out, I dont think i have done a fomal blog report of st lawrence island and you know I dont want to be one of those people who talk about something in the past so much that its annoying but i want to just get one formal summary out there.

as for what the plans of my life are

1.find job, ive sent quite a few resumees out to random places and should be pretty close to getting something, there are lots of jobs that i could have, i mean if i want to make minimum wage or work evenings.

2.thunderbay this weekend? i would really love to go to thunderbay to visit my friend who is running a youth drop in center, mostly for northern students who are in thunderbay for school, and i have a free ride there and back

3. teach pioneer clubs(kids club at my church), work at inner city drop in center(the name of the place is illuding my mind), be a leader at youth group.
3b go to a church planting conference( i should rather say congress) in calgary in november

4. Go back to alaska in january for 2 years, be staff with YWAM help with schools do some mobile teams go back on outreaches to northern alaska.

I choose to be a impact on those around me, and sometimes that requires working hard at the church but most of the time it requires stepping out of the church and going out, with the blessing of the church and even with other people from the church. one thing that was told to me a word of the Lord was a caution for me to not just look at the obvious stages of my time here in winnipeg but to look deeper. I hope I am doing this faithfully.
I hope I am starting to step out of my box, I really want to be all that I can be through Christ and I think remaining relational is one of those things that I need to keep doing.

I could report on many things this summer of camp was spectacular, ive worked for my mom recently while she has done daycare for 18 kids at times, i helped lead my churches youth camp and then had a blast at my churches family camp, all while learning to trust the Holy Spirit.

my one prayer for me is that I will have the discernment to know when to lead by example strictly, and when to lead with my words and by example. ive experienced something i dont quite have a name for yet, pretty much i go to bed and when im trying to fal asleep i get like a whole sermon in my head or at least i find some sort of enlightenment to some issue that im dealing with. and funny thing is by the morning i really dont remember most of it, and so yesterday i decided enough was enough and finally wrote some of it down. well and previously i had gotten the whale illustration and wrote a letter to the church in savoonga. while its annoying to do this consistantly i think that it pays off, after all it may be wisdom that can change my whole thinking pattern.

well i should go off to bed.
God bless.

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