Sunday, January 21, 2007

good times

well today i had a staff party for beaver creek and it was awesome, first we got there and skated for a couple hours it was pretty fun, only fell a couple times
then we went to the old spaghetti factory, Earl and Ramona were there so that was awesome, ordered the veal parmigiana it was good, had a sprite that was pretty gross, had some laughs, had some good times, had some deep moments, saw some friends i hadn't seen in too long, saw some family, saw some ldcers
today definitely brought back memories of camp, the kids in my cabin who decided to follow Christ, that's what its all about.
god shows himself in these kind of days

God is good


. said...

chad... it really was a good day, wasn't it? nad it was really nice to see you even though we didn't get to chat much (except about the man disguised as a woman, of course)

keep on blogging, little cousin, i love reading about your take on life

i love you,

Chantel said...

It sounds like you had a great time! It is so good when we get to have the chance to get together with people we care about and have some good laughs doesn't it? God is definitely good to us! Praise God! Keeping blogging Chad, I love it!