Thursday, January 18, 2007

the terror is back

epp is planning on start filming again this spring and i might have a decent size part in it

my calves still hurt a bunch but epp gave me advice on how to help them feel good, not sure if its working yet haha

im kinda mad at boston pizza right now they only gave me one shift this week and its on saturday, its kinda funny that thats the reason kurtis quit there because he only got like 1 or 2 shifts a week and they were on weekend, i guess i dont deserve to have a good week of work because i didnt work at all during the holidays

cleaning out my room, almost have half a garbage bag full of garbage, haha, i like it when my room is clean it looks nice

im excited for the bcbc staff reunion this sunday

grace and peace

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Chantel said...

That's a whole lot of mixed feelings in that blog isn't it? Sometimes I guess, it's possible to feel so many different emotions at once, and for gets confusing. But maybe sometimes it helps to be excited about something, when you're not feeling too good about something else...I don't know if I'm making any sence, but I just thought it'd be good to comment for you. Keep blogging Chad, I enjoy reading.