Wednesday, January 17, 2007

praise the lord!

ramona is one step closer to surgery you can read about it Here

*edit* the way i wrote this it seems like its a small step closer but it really is a leap
god is good

in other random news yesterday i decided that i wanted to run on my parents treadmill haha today i am paying for it, ran almost 15 minutes straight at a good speed, but i wasnt wearing shoes so today i have blisters on my toes and my calfs hurt alot when i walk, i dont think i got rid of the lactic acid or whatever its called haha

i have been in a very spiritually encouraged mood the last week or so and it has been great, im learning alot about myself and god. found out that i like reading the bible in a more romantic setting haha candles have become a favorite.

this past week or so havent been very productful in my school life though, its coming down to the last couple weeks and i dont feel ambitious about doing these last few assignments and tests

what ive been listening to song- family farm

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Chantel said...

That's awesome that you are feeling so good spiritually lately, so have I actually, and nice touch with your new found love for candles while reading your bible. I read mine every night in my bed with only my little lamp on beside me, and then I write a journal entry/prayer about a passage/verse I came upon that really spoke to me. Maybe I should try candles? You encourage me so much Chad, please keep it up! I'm praying for you.