Tuesday, January 16, 2007


well as some of you may know earl and ramona are flying to toronto today for a consultation to see if surgery is a option, so today is a good time to pray for that.
i am fasting today and encourage others to fast and pray cause i think it is a good experience, define your terms and do it thats all that god cares about
well thats all for now


. said...

hey chad (i'm pronouncing this 'shod' in my mind)

welcome to the world of blogging! and you're right, today is a VERY good day to be praying for earl and ramona... so will Thursday b/c they'll be having an appt. w/ a lung surgeon

i'm so proud of you chad, of your obvious passionate dedication to following after God. i really noticed that this summer @ camp... keep on running after Him!


Earl & Ramona Reimer said...

I happened upon your blog today while relaxing in the hotel. I'm so blown away by your encouragement. Thanks so much for your prayers, fasting and the fact that you're encouraging others to do the same.
Trusting that God will do something big and that we'll have some amazing news within in the next few days.