Monday, January 15, 2007

start making plans for your life they tell me

ok well here are sort of my plans for the next year or so at the moment if anyone cares (subject to change haha)

the next 5 months- finish off high school, work at Boston pizza part time
July- quit job at Boston pizza, work at camp all summer counseling/ doing whatever is needed
august- try to find a full time job that pays more than minimum wage, take a year off from school
next year- start school in fall(what school to be announced) probably a bible school

for now
with grace alone

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Jenna said...

some days, looking into my future scares me. and other days, i can't wait to start something new, meet new people, see new places.

sometimes it feels like i am growing up way too fast...and other days, i wish i was living on my own.

wow. that wasn't very inquisitive. ha