Friday, February 2, 2007

being sick and other fun stuff

well yesterday and today i have felt sick, i think i got the flu from my bro.. so its not very fun with the chills and the general sore body and the feeling like my brain is going to explode and on top of that i worked almost 6 hours yesterday, while feeling like complete poop

on the topic of work i am kinda pissed off because i have only been getting one shift a week though i guess i deserve to be short end of the sticked because i have been taking every Friday and Saturday off for a long time when they want you to be available on weekends. but my friend Gary started working at A&W right next door to my work, I've always wanted to work with a friend. haha but i don't know

thinking of getting a really slack job like at a movie theater or movie rental place i know ive seen signs at the cheap seats right next to my work.
but that was sort of a rant that my mind will be changed on in minutes

anyways today i was feeling a little better so me and my bro went and visited my grandma in the hospital( she got a new knee). it was nice talking to her even though we didn't have a lot of time to talk to her. she seems to be doing alright. then i got home and went out for lunch with my associate pastor that was nice, even though i was so hungry that i scarfed down my food without really even talking to him haha
thats pretty much my day

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