Wednesday, February 7, 2007

this past week

Friday- had youth, it was really good the topic was honouring our parents and it kinda moved me on how i think about my parents a bit, realizing that people look at things i do and try to reflect that onto my parents not that i do that crazy of stuff, but older people might think that things i do are wrong and at some point thats their problem and i shouldn't worry about it but still some parts where i should be considerate

Saturday- i wish i would have gone to Missionfest but i didn't
went to jeremiahs and hung out
in the evening i went to a concert(but actually didn't) so i drive out to Selkirk because thats where the concert is and its like a 45 minute drive, so i get in Selkirk and turn on the streets im supposed to turn on according to mapquest and i cant find it i spend like a hour going up and down streets in the area and ask people for directions but i never find it, so i drive home ticked off that i couldn't find the place haha

Sunday- i had a staff meeting at Boston pizza in the morning basically telling us that we had to all work on valentines day in 3 or 4 hour shifts supposedly they made like 950 pizzas last valentines day which is absolutely crazy
then went to church
went to see stranger than fiction at the cheaps seats with jeremiah.. great movie

Monday- had no school because of the cold so slept in yay
worked in the evening.. missing one of my favorite shows prison break

Tuesday- new semester of school started.. realize that my schedule is pretty stupid
every other day my schedules changes from

there are things i am realizing
i am realizing that i am not a very disciplined person, i always put of doing stuff and just sit around doing nothing
things i need to be more disciplined on include: reading my bible everyday, praying constantly, spend alone time with god, playing my guitar, ect

thanks for your prayers and support
your brother


Chantel said...

Wow Chad, quite the busy week? I totally get what you mean about being discipline ...I try very hard to keep a routine for myself too with reading my bible and stuff like that, I do pretty good at it, but it's still something to do...I do wish I prayed more often, I find myself praying in the car while I'm driving alone, and I pray out loud too, which I love, it's so much better than praying in my head. But I'm going to keep praying for you of course and hope that you find what you're looking for and the discipline you seek . Love you,

. said...

chad, good to read an update. it's been a crazy few days so this was the first time i'd checked your blog in a while and there was a new post! it's like candy!

hope your new crazy school schedule is working out for you and even more than that i hope you're following through w/ your resolve to be more diciplined... but don't be discouraged. God doesn't expect us to change/grow/learn in one shot... He's a patient God and for that i am continuously thankful!

love you,
your big cousin,