Monday, February 12, 2007

crazy week ahead

well tonight i have a band competition type thing
and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday i work
Wednesday is going to be absolutely crazy, i think im going to go insane because they are putting me on build(basically make pizzas ect) and i dont really think im ready for that because its going to be insane at boston pizza because its valentines day
friday i have youth l
saturday going icefishing during the day then to a concert in the evening
sunday will be a nice break hopefully

i need prayer for strength both mental and physical, i tend to freak out alot when alot of pressure is being put on me

now a revised plan for the next year ahead
until July just work and finish school
July work at camp
after camp get a full time job
January, February 2008 go to India with my bro, he wanted to go late summer, but i wanted to counsel at camp and didnt think id have enough money if i did that, and we found out when the monsoon season was and it was like July to October

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