Tuesday, February 13, 2007


first of all prayer for my associate pastors son who is 5 years old, i dont know all the details, as they dont know the details either, so i wont say anything more until everything is confirmed but just prayer for him and his family is needed

second of all, me and Breton are starting bible study at my school again we took a break because no one was coming but now feel a little guilty about not having it, so prayer that we dont get discouraged and that maybe we can reach out a little more and get some more people coming

i dont have a lot of time before i have to go to work but i want prayer that i dont get too stressed out at work especially tomorrow and Thursday and that everything goes smoothly

thanks for your prayers
your brother

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Chantel said...

Oh wow Chad. You know I've been away and haven't been able to check up on your blog...so forgive me that my comment is a little late...but I'm glad I came on and read this. Pastor Rob and Jonah and family, will definitely be in my prayers...I hope everything is alright. I also hope that your week went alright and that your stress level is coming down. I'll be praying for you. God Bless.