Saturday, February 24, 2007

writing a book

yeah im feeling inspired or maybe its the t3s i just took cause i kinda feel like passing out haha
im writing about one of my latest fishing/ canoing trips which i hope i have many more to come.
i am realizing how bad i am at writing a structured sentence and feel like the system failed me a bit

in other news im really thanking god for his grace because i havent been happy about the things ive done and thought this last week and sometimes i feel ashamed that i call myself a child of god yet fall so hard
but god takes the shame away
wipes the slate clean
sometimes i feel i take everything for granted and i hope that it all doesnt fall
if these sentences dont make sense its because of the t3s haha
well ttyl

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Chantel said...

Hmm...darn those t3's eh? I know how you feel Chad, sometimes it's hard walking along this path...we stumble, but I think we are meant to. When we do something we're ashamed of or fall hard, it sometimes makes us turn harder to God because we realize how much we need Him. You are such a precious child of God, Chad and He knows that. Good luck with the book.