Tuesday, February 27, 2007


well i posted a long post on monday and my post seems to have disappeared, though i never actually checked to see if the post was up.

sunday my face started swelling a little, but its not too bad right now. its funny they only gave me 3 pills to stop it from swelling just enough for the first day and a half

i was so excited today, i started eating solid food again, but still cant eat anything that makes me have to open my mouth and chew really hard

yesterday our youth went to union gospel mission and had a service there for them, it was a good experience but it didn't really feel like we did anything, we just sang some songs, and rob had a short sermon

heres a plug for blood services, go give blood, its easy and painless and saves lives, and join the bone marrow registry, just think of all the people you know effected by cancer and think of how your bone marrow could help save someones life

i was going to try to write something insightful and deep about what i feel but nothings coming to me so i guess ill have to save that for next time

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Mark said...

Hey Chad, nice blog. I liked your encouragement to give blood, something I have thought of doing many times? Have you ever done it? What was is like?