Monday, March 19, 2007

one of those blah days

Well today I woke up, generally not feeling very good, body sore and stomach not feeling good . So I turned off my alarm, and rolled over and slept until like 1130. At this point I decided to write the whole day off. Now if my mom was home I probably would have gone to school, because I wast really all that sick. But today hasn't been a very good day.
And I know it hasn't been a very good day for some people who I know. Life on earth is fragile, so be ready for life after earth.
These days it seems like my prayer list is getting longer and longer, and quite frankly its kinda hard to see hope through it all, but hope is still there.
I feel so weak; I wish I could be in control of everything and not have bad things happen to good people, I wish that people wouldn't die without knowing Christ,I wish that people wouldn't be in the cycle of addiction, I wish that children wouldn't have to be abused in there homes, I wish that this world would be perfect in every way, and struggle with the concept of it not being this way because all of this could happen at the sound of gods voice.

this is sort of a tangent... one of the pastors of my church just phoned and asked me how I was doing, and I said good. and I do this all the time, people ask me how I'm doing, and I just say good without thinking of how I really am and saying what is really on my heart and thats a problem I have with myself. I thinking that maybe I'm just trying to put up a front, or it could just be out of repetition... I don't know that was just kinda on my mind

I find myself listening to a lot of "as cities burn" lately, the lyrics and music is so passionate and it gives me hope

well I'm going to go
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Chantel said...

I had a pretty blah day too Chad...and I share ur feelings about feeling upset and sad about the things that happen around us and make us feel crummy...but there is hope. im praying.