Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ok I lied! more non topic rambles

It seems like I don't have it in me lately to write a long in depth post(not that I've ever really had it in me), but I do like sharing little tidbits of my life and sharing some small ideas. So I will continue to do so.

Its funny how much effort I have to put into writing with capitals and punctuation. I guess I spend too much time on msn, and type like I'm in a conversation. But I'm going to try to go through this post with proper sentences.

Me and my brother seem to be bacheloring it up with our parents gone. We went grocery shopping the other day(Kurtis has to pay for groceries while my parents are gone instead of paying rent), and we bought like 15 cans of chunky soup, a bunch of sandwich meat, pudding, and popsicles... haha
While I type Kurtis is making a big pot of curry, which smells good. On the subject of curry and my brother, my brother has some ideas for our trip to India next January. His new plans are to
-get a cheap flight to London
-get a even cheaper flight from London to Salzburg
-take a train from Salzburg to somewhere in southern china
-find a way to travel from southern china to India probably another train

Now this will cost more so I don't know how he expects me to have the cash especially after spending a month at camp. Which is a thing he doesn't really understand why I need to be at so badly, because hes not really into camp I guess.
I'm really pumped for camp this year.

I have Africa on my heart, and I have a opportunity to go this fall, but I'm uncertain at the moment.(and not entirely sure what this group is doing in Africa) I think I'm going to try to sponsor a kid.

Jonah, my associate pastors son, 5 years old, has a white blood disorder (not cancerous) (in his chest?). I'm not sure on all the details but they wont have to do anything unless it spreads. Keep him in your prayers.

The other day I found myself hitting repeat on the song praise you in this storm by casting crowns, and just prayed for like half an hour especially praying for all the people who I know who are affected by cancer and who are sick right now. Sadly its a pretty long list, but I guess we got to trust god. He knows what hes doing, even when it seems like it doesn't make sense.

Me and Breton finally are starting up bible study at our school, which I think will be good for me even if no-one shows up like before our little break. Part of me is scared that people will show and I wont be prepared for it thought haha

I have a bunch of other stuff I want to talk about but I think ill leave it at this for now.
God is love, and love is real!


Chantel said...

I love your rambles Chad! Keep 'em coming. Oh, and good job on the sentence structure. Praying for you always, my friend.
-In Need Of A Cool Nickname

. said...

nice post shod! you were right about me liking the grocery list.. i also love your big dreams and your desire to be where/do what God wants! i'm loving how our blogging is making you and i able to keep in touch more than ever before! 3 cheers for whoever invented blogs... and 3 cheers for cousins... and three cheers for you, chadwick (oops, i mean shod...)

much love,

Mark said...

Chad, I like your brothers plan. It has all the elements of good adventure; exotic locales, questionable safety, and vague planning. Go for it! (And if you go, can you bring me back a traditional Indian weapon for my collection?)