Sunday, March 11, 2007

not a very faithful blogger

well it seems like i don't blog as much as i want haha, i have lots of thoughts and loads of stuff is happening but im not a very motivated person at times.

well my parents are in Australia, haven't heard from them yet, so I'm guessing they made it there alright. the funny thing is that they are going to be driving for a couple days in Australia... which is absolutely crazy because its like Europe everything is on the other side. prayer that they don't get them- selfs killed is needed i guess haha.

Kurtis and I have already moved all the furniture around, to the way that feels good to us.

oh and if you randomly drop by in the next couple days you may want to phone ahead or knock cause me and Kurtis like to walk around in our underwear

i might be carrying my parents cell phone for the next 3 weeks, so if you cant catch me at home the number is 782 4113

it was very nice out today, i think ill wear shorts tomorrow if its like today

this is just recent news, ill try to post a serious topic based post tomorrow haha
may god be with you


Chantel said...

Hahah! Chad, I loved this blog, it's so nice to see your humor come out and things not to be so serious sometimes. Thanks for making me laugh. I hope to see you soon! What's wrong with hanging out sometime? Not just me and you of course, but yah...not just at church. Think about it. Praying for you!! :o)

. said...

chadwick! funny stuff.... we're all chuckling (earl, mony, joanna, and i) mostly about the underwear comments...

so much love,