Thursday, April 5, 2007

frank is dying...

haha don't worry this frank isn't a person, its my car... which is still really sad cause I don't want to be carless. The left rear wheel well is rusted out and along with the wheel well is the support for the rear left shock, which is now just bouncing around, not connected to the body. Surprisingly I don't really feel that much of a difference but the other right rear side is rusting badly too, and it that collapses I'm toast. So unless I get someone to do some extensive metal work/ welding she is not safe to drive and the rear suspension may collapse at any moment. I can see my tire from my trunk haha.

I think ill make a tribute to frank later on, with pictures and stories.

The good news is my parents are looking to buy another car, that I might later buy off of them. from what I remember, one option is a 2000 kia not too sure on the year but i think its a 2000 not sure of the model either, but its manual which I am excited for. Its one of my moms daycare kids parents, which is coming off of lease and is a buy off, so I think its pretty cheap. I'm not too excited its a kia though, not that I really have heard much bad about kia just I think my perception is that they aren't very good.

I'm in save money mode, and hope to save another 1000 dollars by the end of grade 12.

I haven't blogged in a while, partly cause I've been working quite a bit but partly because I'm lazy haha. so I'll tell you a little about my spring break , started with some filming for Epp's movie Terror at Bergan Hall III, then on Sunday I went to Saturate at southland church, Monday I had a couple friends over for supper it was me, Nolan, Sophia, and Jeremiah. I made a teriyaki pork loin roast, and some roasted potatoes and carrots all on the bbq, it was good and we all had a good time. I worked Wednesday and went to Michael's house to have a major jamming season on Thursday, filmed some more TABHIII on Thursday and Saturday. Closed the restaurant on Saturday, which means I was working from 6 to 2:30, which means i was asleep at like 4:30, got up for church at 9, when to church saw the sbc choir sing, which include a few people i know like Sean Dueck, Nic Kornelson, Adriane, and beth talked to them for a a bit and had a church lunch with them. went home slept for about a hour, went to work from 5 to 10 . lets just say i was tired after that...

im pretty tired right now and my English/ grammar is getting worse by the moment so im going to quit typing soon. I have a family gathering tomorrow which im looking forward to. im working on easter which kinda sucks. i didn't realize when it was this year and my parents weren't there to remind me so i didn't book it off at work

ive been writing lots of haiku's recently so i might post some later
and if you ever feel like it, i would like to have a conversation in haiku's with you

time for a nap

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