Monday, April 16, 2007

I keep telling myself to blog more often...

but talk is cheap and I seem to have a hard time doing stuff if I have no accountability....
so here I am going to PROCLAIM that I will blog at least ONCE every FOUR days

I got a new car on saturday, which I am excited about. its a 97 cavalier with only 133000 km's and overall I like it alot
but I will tell you what I don't like about it haha... its a sandish colour not my favorite colour ever on a car, and its pretty much a family car its even got the hooks in the back for car seats
but I think I will like it
I wrote up to here at like 1047 am then realized i had to be at school in 3 minutes.

also on saturday I got a new bible which I was very excited about, its a study bible which I think will help me when i dont quite understand the context or the situation

may 27th is the day I get baptized, I am really excited about this step in my christian walk and invite everyone who reads this to come, I will post more details as it comes closer

today I went and saw the last king of Scotland(about the genocide in Uganda)... it left my heart feeling heavy, and me feeling like crying

please pray for me... I seem to constantly be fighting with god, fighting with myself...
lord give me the strength to hold onto you or the weakness to let you hold me
right now I feel weighted down help me break free

im feeling really emotional right now

goodnight all


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Chantel said...

Yay Chad!! I love reading your blogs, they are so awesome and entertaining and i love getting that deeper look into your emotions, thoughts, and feelings that you normally dont show/share in person. thanks for that! i love you & God bless!