Friday, April 20, 2007

well i almost forgot my proclaimation from my last post

and my 1st four days are coming to a end....

well I said my last goodbyes to frank today, hes sitting at nortech autos, waiting for people to pick him apart, and take what they need. but he lives on, through the other cars he will be helping.
I started my tribute video the other day, and its looking mighty fine.

hey, its jeremiahs birthday tomorrow so if you talk to him say happy birthday. surprise party!

last night at work was rough for the first hour, I hadnt worked in almost a week and almost forgot how to make stuff.

after spending the last few months struggling with my walk with Christ, i now have my path to success figured out, SPEND MORE TIME WITH GOD

haha well thats all i got
my new car is being registered right now so im waiting for my dad to get back so i can give her a rip


Chantel said...

Aww...Frank will be miss Chad, I'm sure. As for your new's a her?!? Does she have a name yet?? Let me know! Good luck continuing your spiritual walk chad, you're in my prayers.


. said...

wow... writing your name that way makes me think of candles, and wax... and a big old webster dictionary. it never has before. just now. and probably forever after.

good gameplan, chad. may you, and i, and every other Christ-follower remember and choose to spend more time with God.

i love you,
big cousin