Tuesday, May 22, 2007

important intersection ahead

Well this may long weekend I went to a wedding in Cochrane Alberta and there was this one sign that kept on appearing in both Saskatchewan and Alberta, it kind of annoyed me because most of the time it wasn't really that big of a intersection, but I guess they weren't that bad considering that I am writing a post about it. well I started writing this post on that Tuesday, but haven't had time until today to finish it.

Lots has happened in that week, first and foremost I got baptized yesterday which was awesome, I felt the holy spirit. On Saturday I gave my 2 weeks notice at Boston pizza which felt very good for some reason, probably because I only had two days off that I didn't book off in the last month. I know that my choice to quit was one that I can live with and I told the manager I might want a job at the end of summer.

In the months ahead I have alot of intersections to turn at, as I am graduating, as I am prioritizing my time and money, as I am figuring out what path my life will take, as I am choosing what to hold onto and what to let go of.

My prayer is that I will keep my eyes on the prize and as cliche as it sounds ask myself what Jesus Christ himself would do

Here are my plans/ schedule for the next few months

May 31- June 3 canoe trip with youth boys
June 4,5,6 English exam
June 14-15 applied math exam
sometime in between 15th and 28th go on a canoe trip to war eagle lake
June 28th Grad
june 29th- july 1st either canoe trip or my cousins wedding or bcbc staff camp
july 1st-7th canoe trip
july 8th- aug 4th CAMP


Mark said...

Hey Chad, it's encouraging to see so much outdoors and ministry in your summer schedule, looks pretty good to me! I hope that your canoe trips are awesome and that God blesses your ministry at camp this summer. Adieu!

. said...

oh chad,
first of all and most importantly, congrats on your baptism!!! even though i couldn't make it, i'm glad i got to hear you hsare your tetimony a few weeks back, and i did think of you a lot on sunday... i also heard good things about you and jeremiah yesterday during a camp-related phone call! pretty much- you guys a re amazing!

and as for your plans, you have a lot of canoeing ahead of you! hope each trip goes super well!

see you at camp! (where you can do even more canoeing!)