Monday, June 4, 2007

crazy weekend

60 km canoe
As some of you know I went on a canoe trip this weekend. This was one of the craziest weekends of my life. Challenging and as you will find out very weird. I went with Paul, Ethan and Jeremiah

Day 1(thursday)
We get on the road at about 6 pm meet one of Paul's friends who leads us to her cabin near lac du bonnet where we pick up a canoe. We get out at the lake around 9ish paddle for a couple hours, then do the 2 worst portages ever. OK, normally these portages are really wimpy one is 350 M and the other is like 150 M, but this was not what its like normally. ok so we paddled up to the first portage no biggy, but its pretty much pitch black no moon and a fine haze over everything. so were at the portage, most of the landing is under water but we manage to land, we get out and start the portage. well the portage is up a fairly steep hill and the ground is mudish clay and it has been raining the few past days. now imagine the slipperiest thing you've ever been on. first we carried our packs over, (we planned on doing everything in one trip but decided that the path was too slippery). so we just carry our packs over, we fall down like a billion times and all our stuff gets covered in mud, we struggle to stay standing while we carry our stuff over, we are covered in mud. but we get through it and go back to get our canoe, even walking with nothing on we fall down, so we get the canoe and its pretty much the same old thing we fall down a lot luckily not getting too hurt. then we paddle a bit and get to the second portage, it is about 3 times as hard if you can imaging that. we paddle a bunch and get to our first campsite we pretty much set up the tent and go to sleep. none of us have a watch or a time telling device so we assume its about 1 am'ish. paul tells us that those 2 portages were the hardest hes ever been on, and when he says that you know it was hard.

day 2(friday) aka longest day of our life
we wake up at what seems to be 10ish(later we would find out it was probably more like 6-7), we pack up and set off for McGregor falls, we paddle a bunch more and meet up with a school group which happens to be my schools canoe trip, they are on there way back. the current is strong. we head up towards the next portage we find out that the portage is completely over run by the falls so we have to make our own trail through the forest which is difficult and we lose our way a bunch and get caught in a dead end of wilderness. this portage is probably about 300 m through the bush. finally we get to the coolest campsite ever, right next to the falls, we set up and fish a bunch, we eat supper of farmer sausage and fettuccine alfredo( yes we eat good even though we pack light). and it takes what seems like forever to come dark but it does and we are tired so we go to sleep.

day 3(saturday)
we didnt do a lot this day, we went to snowshoe lake and back for a nice day trip, did some fishing, we caught about 16 fish so the average was 4 fish per person, I caught 3, 2 walleye, 1 pike. i had the biggest of those 2 species a 19" walleye and a 25" pike. Jeremiah caught a bass so he held the biggest in that category. we had fish and rotini noodles with a 4 cheese and tomato sauce. lit off some fireworks when it was dark, then went to bed.

day 4(sunday)
did it all over again, but this time the portages were dry and we could see where we were walking. so we get back we've done about 60Kms not too bad. and we start driving until we notice a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road, we drive a little farther and see a barricade, we get out to see whats going on. we find out that the road is washed out(you can read about it in todays paper (monday) and yesterdays(sunday)) and it will take 4- 10 days to fix it. it is the only road out there so we start freaking out, me and jeremiah have provincial English exams to do the next day/week. so after were done freaking out we go to the natural resource officers and they tell us we can get on a boat over to the other side but we have to leave our vehicles over on this side so thats what we end up doing. we still need someone to pick us up, we call about 6 people ring ring ring no ones home so we call our senior pastor, pastor ralph, hes home and will come pick us up, thank god. so we get in the boat and over to the other side. we havent eaten in hours so we are really hungry, so we go to the restaurant and order, they run out of hamburgers chicken fingers and fries but we manage to get the last of there burgers and fries even though i could only get one patty on my burger, we hear children working in the kitchen doing dishes and putting condiments on our burgers we laugh and joke that we are going to shut them down, we drop about 80 bucks at the restaurant/ store buying a tub of ice cream and eating to pass the time. 2 hours later pastor ralph comes and saves us. we felt like refugees

i have a ton of bug bites, a little bit of sunburn, dont have a car, and a story to tell.

so in conclusion that was a really long post and I hope that my English was alright
heres the news story and video
and heres a map of our trip
we nickname the portages ww2 ww1 and Vietnam


Chantel said...

Wow Chad!!! What an adventure! That's crazy...I don't think I could have done all that. I'm very impressed and proud of all of you! Great story.

Mark said...

Hey Chad, sounds like a really cool trip! Definitely one to remember eh? I know that its difficult to convey just how nasty a portage can be to those who weren't there, but you did a good job. Caught on the news on Global about the road being taken out (I was hoping to see some footage of you guys, but didn't see any). Anyway, sounds like a fantastic trip; lots of intensity and some relaxation as well. You'll be telling stories about it for a long time. Adieu!