Thursday, September 27, 2007

last nights clubs

Last nights clubs went very well, I was able to get through my lesson, with only a slight disinterest. Though now I feel like I should have improvised and taught something about Jesus, because the topic was how powerful God is and all it talked about was creation, but I feel I should have added something about the miracles of Jesus, so powerful and it would have gone with the lesson.

One of the things I got the kids to do last night was fill out a about me sheet, and over half of them asked if they were supposed to put there dads in the parents section even though they don't live with them. That troubles me, I relied on my parents to teach me about Jesus, and without a father I don't think I would be half the man I am today.

deep and developed thoughts about stuff to come... (If I keep on saying this, will it come true?)

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Chantel said...

Hi Chad! Wow...I haven't visited in a LONG time...and I haven't kept up on my Blogs either...bad me. Now thinking about this I really missed commenting back and forth on our blogs...Maybe I'll try to keep up better. Praying for you.