Wednesday, October 3, 2007

moral issues in the workplace

well I havent really blogged about how work has been going, but I'll try to catch everyone up.
so for the past 3 and a half weeks i have been working for Nutri- Lawn, a small company which does a variety of services. I have been doing fertilizing for the past 3 weeks, which brings me to my topic.

Well this is what has been my issue, I have been doing fertilizing, liquid fertilizing to clarify. I dont know if everyone knows the evils of this but ill explain a little more. What liquid fertilizer is(to my knowledge): main ingredients are nitrogen and phosphorous. the main reason for algae blooms on lake Winnipeg. While Liquid fertilizer isnt the biggest cause of high nitrogen and phosphorous levels, it is still a significant part. heres a wikipedia article about algae blooms

Now one thing about spraying liquid fertilizer is that it is expensive, meaning mostly richer people get it done, and rich people have riverfront, pond front properties, which is basically like me spraying this stuff right into lake Winnipeg. Which is killing alot of stuff in the lake.

so this is my moral issue at work well actually I quit today because I found a more permanent job.
does anyone else have moral issues at work? maybe you work at a restaurant and push alcoholic products on people. etc

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