Friday, October 12, 2007

busy busy busy

well this past week has been pretty busy...
I started a new job on Tuesday, I work at Iron Mountain, what they do is store paperwork for companies and when the companies don't need the paperwork anymore they send it to Calgary to be shredded and recycled. So my job is to find those boxes of paperwork and stack them on pallets to be put on a semi and sent to Calgary. This place has 2 huge warehouses, with 3 levels each, with seriously millions of boxes. Its a pretty physical job as you have to lift and move boxes all day, but its also a pretty repetitive mind numbing job. So thats how I can describe what I do the best.

Pioneer clubs has been going pretty good, sometimes I feel inadequate, Im 18 and im the only teacher for my class(not a very good excuse, but I like to play it). I was so busy this past week that I didn't really have time to plan it very well this week.

I'm playing hockey this season, it the first season ive played in 4 years, and ive only played maybe 5 games in those 4 years not included Ramona's hockey marathon. so theres that and on top of that I'm a goalie and so much positional intuition has been lost, so Im going to be bad, probably for a while.

Well my social life is calling, so have a good one.


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. said...

congrats on the new job!

i am so proud of you for spending your time and energy on pioneer clubs every week and for caring so much! sounds like your heart is really 'into it' which is wonderful! i was really challenged and encoruaged by something i heard in a sermon this past week. maybe it will be applicable for you too... if not, skim over it!

there are 2 ways to evangelize:
-to share the good news with an agenda (to conform people)
-to share the good news for the sake of the good news!

have an excellent week, dear cousin of mine,