Monday, October 15, 2007

complete fulfillment unobtainable

Complete fulfillment is unobtainable until Jesus calls us home.

As a Christian this is hard to grasp, as we try to say that all worldly things are empty. Not that its unfulfilling to follow Christ but Its just not full yet, and thats what I think can make some people really lose faith.
here are the lyrics to a song that inspired this thought

Matt Epp- Lonesome 'till I'm home

I'm lonely for you God
And I will be all my life
Got a hole inside of me for you my God
That'll never be filled in all my life

For you created me so
My soul wont be filled 'till I'm Home

I've got a longing for you God
I've got a ache even you won't heal 'till I'm Home

For you created me so
My soul wont be filled 'till I'm Home

I'll never really be me
Until I'm in Heaven
Not quite who I'm supposed to be
Until I'm in Heaven

Oh! 'till I'm in Heaven
Its been my dream all along
I'll keep singing this song
'Till I'm in Heaven

I'm saying this at a time where I'm struggling to find Gods calling for me, I feel completely empty working a 9-5 job, its just putting in hours to me, teaching clubs has been good for me though.


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Chantel said...

You may be feeling this way Chad, because God is calling you closer to Him, He wants you to come to Him in prayer and meditation to help you find your answers. Maybe try doing something different? Something out of the ordinary, something you haven't done before, but something involving God. I'm praying for you.

Your Sister In Christ.