Thursday, November 8, 2007


well it seems boredom has kick started my creative juices
I've never really enjoyed writing stuff before, but it seems my brain has exploded with creativeness
I'm no poet, but I like putting thoughts into words

Within the walls we take refuge
We feel we could be free
But cant breath
We feel we could dream
But cant sleep
We feel we could believe
But cant trust

When will the walls fall down
When will hope be restored
When will we be steadfast

Humility will break the chains
But will we run
Love will give us direction
But will we see
Faith will take us to the door
But will we enter


1 comment:

. said...

you've been doing a lot of thinking, eh? don't stop, chad. think, and make sure you think those thoughts with God... break down each wall and abandon everything except for Him...