Sunday, December 2, 2007


well i might read this later and think that i was a little out of it, but i dont think my memory is effected still. but what im saying right now may or may not make sense haha.

so I as some of you know play hockey, i play goalie

well last night i had a game and, one of my players was skating in hard trying to keep the opposing player on the outside of him, well they were skating in pretty hard and my player tangled up with the other player and just absolutely decked me, I fell on the back of my head and was down for a bit got up for a second went back down for a second, was pretty dizzy and a little out of it, finished the last 2 minutes, had a bit of a headache, got home had a little trouble remembering players on my teams names felt dizzy still and had a headache, started to feel a little nauseas. debated whether or not to go to the hospital, decided that if it got any worse i would go, didnt get worse so i just went to sleep, my mom woke me up once to ask me something, i really have no idea what she asked me but i went back to sleep. woke up everything seemed better but the day went on and after eating some pancakes at like 2 and then i vomited so then i decided i had to go to the hospital. basicaly told them everything i just told you, i got to wear a hospital gown, did a bunch of neurological tests including counting backwards from 100 by 7's , i think that would be difficult for me normally and touching my nose and stuff haha

well thats pretty much it, missing lots of details but its the gist of it

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Mark said...

Hey Chad, sounds rough! Hope you are OK, take it easy, eh?