Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well, I have a very broad range of musical taste, from minimalist folk to chaotic hardcore, sometimes people(usually older than me) don't understand why I listen to the weird screaming music that I do listen to sometimes, and I don't expect them to. But one thing that is really important to me is lyrics, they are the thing that gives meaning to songs. I listen to both secular and Christian music, most of the time I can find something that applies to following Christ in the lyrics of the secular artists that I listen to and it is a positive thing. I used to listen to very crappy Christian music, I mean the music sucked, the lyrics were very uninspiring, but im very lucky that there is part of the world of Christian music that is progressing into a very creative, very musically ahead of lots of secular music.

this is one of my favorite songs as of right now, I'll let you read and think about the lyrics yourself

mewithoutYou- A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contain

A cat came drifting onto a porch from the outside cold
And with eyes closed, drinking warm milk from my bowl,
"Nobody hears me (nobody hears me)
I crept in so soft!
And nobody sees me (nobody sees me)
As I watched six steps off."

Like the peacocks wandering the walkways of the zoo
Who have twice the autonomy the giraffes and tigers do
"No one can stop me (no one stop me)
No one clips my claws!
now everyone watches me (everyone watches me)
Scale these outside walls!"

you took the puous and profane,
turned around the praise and blame,
said "A glass can only spill what it contains!"
To the perpetually plain and the incurably inane
A glass can only spill what it contains!

What new mystery is this?
what blessed backwardness??
the Immeasurable one is held and does not resist!
struck by wicked words and foolish fists of senseless men
the Almighty One does not defend!

I was halfway listening to what she thinks she knows
We're like children dressing in our parents clothes saying:]

"Nobody knows me (nobody knows me)
No one knows my name!
No, Nobody knows me (nobody knows me)
Nobody knows me... "

I half-heartedly explained
But gave up peacefully ashamed
as a glass can only spill what it contains!
We went from Portugal and Spain
And in her mind the entire time it rained!
A glass can only spill what it contains!

What new mystery is this?
in overflowing emptiness!
the invisible is seen among the shadows and the mist,
Before my doubting eyes,
The infinite appears this time.
The unquestionable is questioned
But makes no reply!

What new mystery is this?
"My rabbi"
my lips betray with a kiss

What new mystery is this?

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