Monday, November 19, 2007

still looking

well its officially been 2 weeks since I was laid off my last job and so that means that im still looking for another one, well to be honest I have only been skimming job websites and the paper because I wasn't really in any rush. Well I think this week will be the week where I start actually looking for a job. I think God was telling me to take a break so he could work in me, or at least get me to be on the same page.

With the jobs that I am looking at right now I am forced to figure out my priorities, some jobs are days but don't pay very much, some are nights which would mean I would have to quit teaching pioneer clubs which is one of the last things I really want to do because these kids need stability, and some include weekend which effects my fun time like snowboarding and stuff haha.

One of the job's with the most flexible schedule and highest pay, is telemarketing which really wouldn't be my first choice as I have heard bad stories about it but on the other hand I think it would be kinda fun haha.

Well thats a little update on the whole job search thing.

God bless


Mark said...

Hey Chad, since you are between jobs right now, are you interested in working for a couple days for a friend of mine who's building a house? Let me know and I'll give him a call. Good luck in your searching!

Anonymous said...

You write very well.