Tuesday, February 5, 2008

justice pt 2

Well I have been thinking a lot about this subject, and the more I think about the more confusing it gets. complete justice is a perfect world, which ever since the fall of man isnt quite possible. so we got to think of real ways to apply this into our lives, and Ive had a hard time trying to figure out what ways I can live for justice. mercy is just a small part of justice. Now im thinking of what Justice really means, and when I really think about it, no-one deserves anything, its only by Gods grace that this world is still alive, and when I really think about it Jesus "grace" is the anti- justice in ways.

this is too much to think about, I hope someone else can kind of understand what I mean by this.
im just going to throw out some point form thoughts that we should all think about

- we are all in some way enablers to injustice
- Jesus is our only hope
- the real injustice is people not knowing about Jesus
- its our job to tell the world

this whole post is really undeveloped, its a topic that is hard to really be definitive on

grace and peace

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