Saturday, February 2, 2008

living justly or just living

Well I meant to blog a couple times this week but I experienced consistency problems with my internet this week so I didn't get a chance to do everything I wanted.

Now if you were at Missionfest on friday for the young adults thing you will have heard this already but I'm going to say it again we are called as followers of Christ to bring justice to those who need it and honestly I don't think we are even close to actually doing that. Justice is something that is kind of hard to comprehend in this world with billions of people living in poverty millions upon millions of people living with disease. The whole world vision video, children starving to death in little huts with flies flying around is only the tip of the iceberg of what injustices this world holds.

What is justice, is it giving a sandwich to a homeless guy? the answer is no, while giving a sandwich to a homeless guy is great, really at the end of the day he still doesnt have a home. is giving a homeless guy a house justice? again the answer is no. still there must be a reason he is homeless, maybe his parents never loved him and he grew up not trusting anyone and when it came time to enter the real world the real world was out of reach.

While I agreed with the speaker at Missionfest she really didnt give any ways to stop injustice, she just told us that there was injustice. so I'm going to think of what exactly justice looks like in this world, and I'll leave you with the same question.
what does justice look like in this world?
how can you live for justice?

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