Tuesday, April 29, 2008

13 days

Well this past month has seemed like a year, thats how slow its gone by. I've been in this summer mentality where all I can think about is tree planting and camp. well I still have 13ish days until I am gone and they are a fairly busy 13 days with all my weekends booked solid and a bunch of stuff I have to do during the weeks. Last week I worked at red river soils packaging bags of fertilizer(basically constantly lugging 30-40lb bags from a conveyor belt onto a pallet then squeezing the air out of the bags and making the bags as flat as possible). While that job was dusty smoky and pretty brutal it was good training for tree planting. I have been sick for the past 3 weeks, various different symptoms pretty much no day with the same ones including a lung hacking dry cough , mind numbing headaches, throwing up, stuffed up sinus, runny nose, and other various ones. so that has not been fun, I really wish I had a doctor, I had a pediatric doctor and just haven't really found a family doctor yet. this is the second time since January that I have been sick for almost a month at a time, so I'm thinking maybe I should see a doctor but probably won't.

well that was just a little rambling of what my life is like.


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Sophia said...

it is hard to find a doctor eh. it probably would be a good idea to go to one before you leave. ill pray about the health problems you have been having. thanks again for the good times and ham sat night :)