Monday, May 5, 2008

new template

well it seems like everyone is getting nicer looking blogs, and i never really liked any of the default ones so I found one at and it was hard to find one that was manly enough for me so this is the best one I could find.

I don't know what to feel right now, tree planting will be the first time I have ventured off on my own. I am excited that I am doing this, yet I am sad that I'm leaving the people I love. There are no certainties, I may go there and be really good at it and love the people, or I could suck and the people could be jerks. today was the last church service I will attend for a while I think, I dont know if there will be any other believers at camp so I might not have any sort of Christian connection. I really hope that this makes me stronger, It definitely would be a test of my dicipline. It took till today for me to realize how much I was going to miss people, I love the people around me. this seems to be me just rambling on.. but I have such mixed feelings right now. I am pumped that I am going to spend the next 3 months with little to no pavement. I wish I could take all my friends with me, that would solve all my problems.

so pray for me as I am venturing off on my own, pray that this will be a experience that will bring me closer to God.

I'll just leave with a prayer of whats on my heart.

Lord I pray that you will bring me closer to you, I pray that you will guide my steps and help me show others the love you have for them. Lord I want to pray for the camp(bcbc) I pray that would will be with the people who are deciding that they are going to be staff this year Lord i pray that you will be with the new directors as they prepare for this coming year Lord i pray that you will give them wisdom and guide them as they make decision, Lord i want to pray for all the campers that are going to come i pray that you will open there hearts and follow you. lord i want to thank you for all the wonderful friends i have, just bless them as they bless me. i also want to pray that the sickness inside of me will leave. Lord thank you for friends like micheal and ashley just bless them as they are getting married, help them to have a relationship that represents your love for us.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Chad, just wanted to say hi and let you know I really appreciate your blogging. All the best with the tree planting thing!

. said...

chad, i love the look! i actually thought about pickign thsi one, but it was a lil toomanyl for me (and i donÄ't just say that to make you feel good)... it looks great!

i really hope i will be faithful in praying for you as you go out tree-planting. i think ti will eb stretching spiritually and could also be incredibly refrshing and inspiring. you, god, and the trees!

love you,

. said...

oh my goodness. you really can't decipher what i wrote. i mant to say that this template was *too manly* for mebut i love it so i am happy that i will get to see it often!

Mark said...

Love the new look and thanks for sharing your prayer!