Monday, May 5, 2008

farming, lawncare, and unusual tans

well on sunday I got a call asking me if I wanted to help lay down some irrigation pipes so I said yes. so the past two days I was a farm hand of sorts, was at the epps strawberry farm lasalle valley berry farm. so I started at 10am it was still a bit chilly but not too bad worked for about 40 minutes took a coffee break (gotta love that) so after that we finished off with laying the irrigation pipes, that was quite the puzzle, you got to find different pieces to make them exactly the right length. so we finished that and then krista came and we started getting everything ready for planting strawberries, then we had lunch. then we planted, pretty neat process i compared it to guitar hero, basically you sit on the back of a tractor and feed a spoke of sorts that rotates and puts the plants into the ground, you have to be pretty quick to get every one(or notes as you would say in guitar hero) then someone would go behind and make sure none of the roots were showing using a shuffle stomp action( i called that one dance dance revolution) and plant strawberries where someone missed( I got to use my fancy new shovel for that, good practice for tree planting). yesterday i planted strawberries too and some raspberries at the end. it was good times.

on monday i got a call asking if i wanted to do some power raking on wednesday so i said sure. its always good making some random money. so thats what i did today for 4 hours. this lawn was huge but i worked hard and got it done and now im tired cause i got like under 5 hours of sleep yesterday because i decided i wanted coffee at 10:30 and it didnt work very well.

as a result of being outside this past 3 days I am a little tanned and a little burnt. half of my hands are tanned because of a combination of my sleeves and the position i was in the sun, and there is a small triangle on my chest that is tanned because of a unbuttoned top button. ill get some pictures later but for now i think im going to go to sleep and then get everything ready for the final awards at pioneer clubs. I said some goodbyes yesterday which was very strange and hard, its only 7 weeks but still i miss them really bad right now and i haven't even left. Ive got a busy evening and a busy tomorrow, im hoping i can relax on friday, then im leaving on saturday, first im going to a fishing derby put on by my church in the whiteshell which is on the way and then leaving in the evening, trying to get as far as vermilion bay and then leaving there on sunday for nakina. i got to pick up a few last minute items and try to go see a doctor on thursday, because ive been a roller coaster of sick for the past almost 5 weeks. i think im trying to delay going to the doctor because i have fears that it will be something outrageous.

mail is always nice so you can mail me at:

Chad Reimer
c/o Wilderness Reforestation
General Delivery
Nakina, ON
P0T 2H0

god bless


ps. i had a very good bible study on monday so im going to try to develop some of that and maybe post it on friday

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