Thursday, May 8, 2008

medical update

so I went to the doctor today and guess what... I got pneumonia... so now im taking some antibiotics and should start to feel better in a couple days. im glad im still under my parents prescription drug plan because regularly the antibiotics im taking cost $80 but i only payed $23. i just hope i didnt give this to anyone else.. jeremiah was sick last week, im not sure if hes still sick.. because it is contagious. so im supposed to still be contagious for another 48 hours so im trying really hard to watch what im doing and wash my hands alot.
im going to try to sleep a bunch this afternoon then go shopping for some last minute items



Mark said...

Hey Chad, that's sick man (oh, I'm a joker). Anyway, are you at home or still out in the boonies? If you are at home and want to borrow some outdoor books by any chance, just let me know!

Chad said...

hey mark yeah im still home until saturday then i leave for 2 months. and funny you should ask, i was going to go to chapters today to look at outdoor books. so if you read this before friday evening i would be super interested in borrowing some books. call me at 261-5122

Krista Nicole said...

If you had only listened to us who told you to go to the doctor sooner! Not that I'm saying I told you so... Get better little brother.