Thursday, April 10, 2008

inbetween here and there

well I dont know why I dont blog more often, I am unemployed right now, and have lots of free time during the day. I am a little frustrated right now, they keep delaying the starting date for the tree planting season its now almost 2 weeks later than it was supposed to be, which turns 3 unemployed weeks into 5, which is disappointing financially, guess it means ill have to be as cheap as possible in the next 4 weeks and hope I can make up for lost wages this spring. this is just a little frustrating.

I am in this inspired mood right now, mostly stirred up from music and movies and friends, music and movies being matt epp and into the wild respectively.
which means that I am more determined to do what is true and right then to have a career in something I don't enjoy. one thing I truly enjoy is the wilderness, not the nature that the surface of the whiteshell shows but the true wilderness, just raw and real.

quote of the day
When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God's light shines upon you.(Ron Franz- into the wild)

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Jenna said...

i salute you in striving to be true to yourelf and very real. In fact, you are a person of no, or at least very few pretenses, and i admire that...