Thursday, March 27, 2008

spring training- the road to tree planting

Well today I started somewhat of a training regiment, well officially started it today, now I'm a little sore.Turned on some pump up music(Comeback kid- Turn it around) Was on the treadmill started off with a semi run, setting at 5ish, put on a backpack with 20 lbs of weight in it ran at a setting of 6-7 for about 1.3 miles( I think this is what is making me sore) then took the weight off and was trying to see how long I could run at a setting of 10 had a goal of doing 4 minutes which if my math is correct which it probably isnt would be a 4 minute mile, got to about 2 minutes and .4 miles. Got off the treadmill, did some situps and pushups until the cd was done, overall a good workout. I really am out of shape other than my legs.

I am finding out why you shouldnt get jobs through parents friends, its kinda hard to quit. Its just horrible timing, I'm just about at the end of my training so they are preparing for me being a contributer. Also there is no 2 weeks notice when you are still training, they could fire me and I can quit without the two weeks. Morally and time wise I cant finish my training and then give 2 weeks my last day would be the day before im supposed to leave. I'm not going to quit a week before my training is complete, I'm pretty much morally and time wise unable to quit past next friday. so this is a hard decision to make of when to quit, I wish I could work till the week before, because with how its going to happen i'm missing a paycheck and a half which kinda really sucks. Loyalty is no question for me, I will work hard until the end, its just how I was raised. sometimes I wish I had no morals, it would make things like this alot easier haha.

I am trying to figure out what to do this fall/winter; travel, school, missions, or a combination. so pray that God will show me what he wants me to do. If there is a program that he wants me to attend a place to visit,etc. and pray that he will send people to help me through my choices, and encourage me.


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