Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well today at about 4:30 I had a phone interview with a company called the wilderness group and guess what. I got the job. It was the last interview that I had scheduled and was also the job that I wanted the most, the other 2 interviews were good but this was the best one, I didnt feel any pressure at all (I think its because it was a girl who was interviewing me) she wasnt questioning my answers, it was a great interview topped off with a "ok you have the job if you want it"

I'm not sure exactly what I want from this experience, I keep telling everyone i'm doing it for the money but you know I dont really think about it as just making lots of money, I look at it as a challenge, I look at it like its freedom from the indoors. I also view it as a opportunity to be a light in this camp, and also of a way of making some good money so I can go to YWAM or something else along those lines. People keep telling me oh you dont want to do this, and basically my response to that is, you dont know me very well if you dont think im up for this.

so my initial planting season is May 1st to July 1st but they also have work until november doing other forestry work so im kinda pumped about that, I dont want to get ahead of myself though.
I'm think they are(could be wrong) pretty flexible if I want to take a month off in between to work at camp(BCBC) and work again for them after, so I dont really know I think thats what my plan is. I feel bad just quiting my job right after they have finished training me like a month before, but what are you going to do( I hope no one from vita stumbles upon this blog lol) but it is also kind hard to leave this job because I got the job because I knew someone higher up in the company so Its kinda weird. But I really am not happy with this job and money isn't a good enough reason to stay at it.


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Mark said...

Chad, I can totally see you treeplanting! Enjoy!