Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sometimes I wonder....

-Sometimes I wonder if God wants us to bang our heads on the wall trying to teach people if they don't really want to be taught
- Sometimes I look into other peoples cars on my daily commutes and wonder where there going and where they've been
- Sometimes I look at the moons and the stars and ask why
-Sometimes I wonder if I am more of a solution or more of a problem
-Sometimes I wonder why God made us
-Sometimes I feel frustrated and wonder why God doesn't talk in a distinct voice to tell me what to do
-Sometimes I wonder why God loves us
-Sometimes I wonder why old people live while young people die
-Sometimes I wonder if Gods going to tell me "I never knew you"
-Sometimes I wonder if there is a God
-Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope for this generation
-Sometimes I wonder If there is a plan for me or if we just wander around
-Sometimes I wonder why the wind blows
-Sometimes I wonder if this is real am i actually here
-sometimes I wonder alot


Mark said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing so authentically Chad. I share many of the same "wonderings" as you.

Jenna said...

-Sometimes I wonder if Gods going to tell me "I never knew you"

thanks. i needed to read that.

Chantel said...

I loved this post Chad. Awesome! And you probably already know this but, you're not alone in. Many others "wonder" too.