Monday, March 17, 2008

2 posts 1 day Wowzers

well it seems i like to space my blogs out a little more
usually 1 a week it seems though I really truly mean to write more than that

now to my actual post/rant(more so rant)

ok so today I'm preparing for pioneer clubs on Wednesday so I'm like ok I'll do the Easter lesson that is in the book I previously did thanksgiving and Christmas out of the book so there has to be a Easter lesson in the book so I flip through the book flip flip flip Its not there. So there is no Easter lesson in the book but there is a thanksgiving lesson. I seriously don't really understand how you can have thanksgiving a non religious holiday lesson and not a Easter lesson when Easter is really the basis of our faith.

Now saying this, I have a few more level headed responses too. First of all even if there was a Easter lesson I would probably completely change it into a simpler less watered down lesson. I'm pretty sure that pioneer clubs is meant to be run over Easter but maybe its supposed to be run from summer to winter instead of fall to spring but who knows.

Now I could write more but I really should start writing my lesson.
now that my rant is over, I like writing lessons but thats not the point, I think there should be a lesson put in place for people who dont like to or cant really spend 2+ hours writing there own lessons.

for those who dont know pioneer clubs is like a kids club that my church has on Wednesday nights its like sunday school mixed with boy scouts its for kids aged 4-12ish my class is 8-9 year olds. most of our kids come from a housing complex down the street, kids who sometimes seem like there only there to cause problems and eat snack, having said that we need lots of prayer to keep going so pray.


so I started to write my lesson, palm sunday, last supper, good friday, easter sunday, easter monday, romans 6 where he talks about death to sin and resurrection in Christ
whoa lesson overload, im having trouble condensing this, i don't want to leave anything out
I'm thinking about playing bad teacher and just showing a movie, we have a cartoon easter movie in our church library, and then reading romans 6 and asking questions. this generation has grown up with there parents just shoving them in front of the tv and hoping it keeps them quite for a while, so i think that they might learn more from a movie then they would learn from me. but most likely I will make a lesson and teach it.

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