Monday, May 19, 2008

dissapointingly home

well after a week I started to feel sick again, so i had to decide if I thought that I would get better out there or if i should call it quits while i still could which really was one of the harder decisions of my life at this point. I eventually decided that i should come home. i dont think i would have gotten any better out there, the nights are in the minus temperatures and the days were in single digits and rainy/ snowy. i was sick for 5 weeks before i left, i lost about 5 lbs in that time and really had no energy to work out. so going into this environment with a run down body and then running it down even more while i was recovering from pneumonia was really not a very good idea. in hindsight i dont think i should have gone. no regrets though, it was actually a pretty good experience(well not really but i could see it being a good experience with a different company), and i might do it again in the coming years so i'm not really down in the hole that much, i mean i did spend a but load of money but i can use most of that stuff for camping and other various stuff. as for what my plans are at this point for the coming months, well i think i will try to get a temporary job hopefully something that i can make some good money at with overtime and stuff, i still have ideas of going to ywam or bible school this fall so money would be good for those things. 5 weeks at camp and then working again then whatever happens after that.
i will post more about my experience later but i just got home like half an hour ago, just waiting for people to wake up. drove staright from nakina to winnipeg with 3 hours of rest inbetween
have some pictures hope they turned out

grace and peace

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i am so interested in where God will take you next, chad! and what he will teach you and how you will glorify Him!